Start making a difference and earn rewards with your shopping!

Nielsen is a leading media and market research company. By joining Nielsen's Panel, together with 10,000 Australian households, you can drive change to products simply by sharing what you shop for and earn great rewards from leading brands.




Complete our registration questionnaire and receive a hand-held scanner. Start scanning the products you purchase for your household each week.




The data you scan is then sent automatically to Nielsen via the Scanner's Base Unit at absolutely no cost to you.



For every week you scan you will receive points exchangeable for gifts and store vouchers. You will also receive entry into a superb regular prize draw for being a member.

Earn points every week +
Easy opportunities to earn additional points

  • weekly and monthly points
  • monthly prize draws offering up to 1,000 points
  • surveys offering up to 60 points
  • anniversaries and Birthday points

Redeem your points for great gifts for everybody!

  • Electronics (Google Home, gaming console, smartphone, TV, Bose headphones)
  • Home (Dyson Handstick, kitchen ware, tools)
  • Travel ware
  • Pets accessories
  • Outdoor

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Participate with the Nielsen scanner

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Frequently Asked Questions


    Our Scanning Panel consists of members from throughout the entire Australia and it is very important to us that our Panel represents all the different types of households that make up our wide population. This is why we welcome all types of households, from single ones to those with large families plus we have members that span all ages, from 16 up to 90 and above!

    So the reason we would like YOU to join our Scanning Panel is because you too are an essential part of the Australian population and with your unique purchasing habits your contribution would be very important to us.


    If you were to become a Panel Member we would provide you with a hand-held Scanner which you would use to scan the barcodes on all the items your household buys. You will also be required to agree to a Panel Membership agreement which may be viewed here.

    You will need to scan all items that are bought from everywhere, by all members in your household.


    In return for scanning you will be awarded with points every week. You will then be able to exchange these points against a wide range of gifts or activities that are featured in an exclusive online gift website. Also, you will also be entered into 13 separate prize draws every year, with prizes ranging from holidays, to state of the art gadgets and even a brand new car.


    The shopping information you provide is combined anonymously with the rest of our Panel's shopping data. Specific analyses are then carried out on the 'whole pot' of information which helps provide important facts and trends to many Manufacturers and Retailers.

About us

Nielsen is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, and related assets. The company has a presence in approximately 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, USA. For more information please visit

For decades, Nielsen has set the standard for global market and consumer insight research. Our insights are based on representative samples of the population and help our clients (e.g., manufacturers, retailers, non-profits and governments) learn about what consumers watch, buy, their preferences and behaviours. Your participation in our panel helps us create our consumer insight solutions.